Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

Discovering that you or a loved one has suffered a grave or fatal injury resulting from hospital malpractice can be devastating. Hospital malpractice can range from a nursing medication error, to a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer, to a fatal mistake in the delivery of a newborn. Regardless of the injury, doctors, nurses, and hospital professionals have a duty to meet an acceptable standard of care in order to prevent injury, and that is when a hospital malpractice lawyer can help.

When hospital malpractice affects your life or causes you to lose a loved one, YOU DO HAVE RIGHTS. Let me pursue your hospital malpractice claim against a negligent doctor, hospital, or other professional. Contact Adam Davis today for a free evaluation of your claim.

Hospital Malpractice Lawyers can help with all of the following:

Birth injuries:

Taking extra care during pregnancy is critical to the healthy delivery of a newborn. In addition, your doctors, nurses, and other professionals must take that same level of care with your baby. When you believe that your baby suffered a birth injury such as brain damage, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or another disorder, I can help. Let me help you recover just compensation on behalf of your injured child and your family.

Brain injuries:

When a patient undergoes anesthesia or surgery, there is a chance that the reduction in blood or oxygen to the brain could cause brain damage. If you believe that your loved one suffered brain damage as a result of malpractice, I can begin an immediate investigation to help you assert your rights.

Surgical errors:

Surgical errors such as operating on the wrong part of the body, infection, cutting of a bladder duct, or improperly performed surgery can lead to grave or fatal injuries. If you are injured, do not hesitate to contact an attorney immediately. I will advocate on your behalf so you and family collect the compensation you deserve.

Hospital malpractice:

Hospital malpractice may include error in policies, negligent care or administration, or a failure to correct a problem. If you or a loved one is injured as a result of negligent ER operation or other procedures, I can pursue your hospital malpractice claim.

Misdiagnosis of cancer:

Misdiagnosis of cancer can affect the ability to properly treat a patient and that patient’s chances of recovery. I can assert your rights to fair compensation for a doctor’s mistake or failure to diagnose.

Medication errors:

Medication errors may include excessive anesthesia, over-medication, under-medication, providing the wrong medication, or prescription errors. Whether a result of nursing home negligence or other form of hospital negligence, you have a right to compensation for any losses your family may have suffered.

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