Misdiagnosis of Cancer / Disease

Diagnosing cancer at an early stage can help prevent its spread and increase the chances for survival. Many patients suffer the consequences of delayed diagnosis or the failure to diagnose cancer. When patients experiencing cancer-related symptoms are not properly diagnosed, it decreases their opportunities for treatment and for surviving the disease. Once cancer reaches a certain stage, it can become extremely difficult or impossible to treat. My name is Adam Davis and I offer experienced legal services dedicated to assisting the victims and families of the misdiagnosis of cancer.

If you or a loved one suffered from cancer misdiagnosis, you may be able to recover damages because of the decreased chance of survival. Contact me for an immediate investigation into your cancer misdiagnosis claim.

Discovering that you or someone you love has cancer is devastating. It is even worse to know that the cancer could have been treated or cured had it been discovered or diagnosed earlier. Many patients display common symptoms which go unnoticed. They may even return several times for treatment of other conditions without being diagnosed with cancer. When your family suffers as a result of a failure to diagnose, I am available to aggressively pursue your claim against a negligent doctor or medical professional.

I am an attorney experienced in the misdiagnosis and failed diagnosis of cancer and can assist you with all of the following:

In all medical malpractice cases, it is critical to begin an immediate investigation. As your attorney, I will collect necessary medical records, consult with experts, contact witnesses, and initiate a thorough inspection of documents and evidence to support your claim. I will fully valuate your losses, including the decreased survival rate as a result of delayed or misdiagnosis. When the negligence of a medical professional reduces your chance to live or causes the death of a loved one, you deserve maximum compensation for all social and economic losses.

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