Surgical Errors

Despite meticulous planning and intensive preparation for surgery, negligence in the operating room continues to lead to devastating injuries and fatalities. When you enter into surgery or take a loved one in for surgical care, you expect that the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other medical professionals involved are taking the highest level of care as they operate. Unfortunately, surgical errors continue to affect the lives of patients who suffer from negligent doctors, hospitals, and others involved in surgical procedures. My name is Adam Davis and I am dedicated to strong advocacy for surgery error victims.

Every victim of surgical error deserves strong legal advocacy to seek maximum recovery from a negligent doctor, hospital, or medical professional. Contact me, Adam Davis, an experienced medical malpractice attorney, to assert your rights.

Surgical errors occur when a doctor operates on the wrong part of the body, if anesthetics are not properly administered, if a tool was not sanitized, and even where a tool or other device was left in the body leading to infection. The various ways that a surgical error could lead to injury are innumerable. As your attorney, I will investigate your injury to identify the cause and the responsible parties. From your free consultation through the resolution of your case, I will advocate for the maximum verdict or settlement possible.

I am an experienced attorney experienced with all of the following:

A mistake in surgery may lead to highly complex litigation involving hospitals, insurance carriers, doctors, and a host of multiple defendants. When you or a loved one faces surgical error litigation, it helps to have an experienced attorney well-versed in the difficulties of medical malpractice litigation. As your attorney I will use my years of personal injury experience to create a strategy designed to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

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