Birth Injuries

Discovering that your newborn has suffered a birth injury can be devastating. You may have known of the birth injury at the time of delivery, or you may not have known for months or even one or two years that your child suffered from a brain injury. When your family is affected by the negligence of physicians or other medical professionals, you need the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice birth injury lawyer. My name is Adam Davis and I am an attorney dedicated to advocating for the rights of birth injury victims and their families.

Let me be responsible for collecting the necessary evidence and pursuing every claim against the parties responsible for a birth injury to your child. NO FEE UNLESS YOU RECOVER A SETTLEMENT OR VERDICT.

A birth injury may lead to the need for significant and long-term medical care. As we work to place a value on an appropriate settlement or verdict for your case, we will calculate the total economic and non-economic losses suffered by you and your family. These may include lost wages, care needs, surgical and medical needs, and wage loss over a lifetime, as well as the loss of life enjoyment that a birth injury may cause.

A birth injury can lead to tragic brain injuries, diseases, and the long-term consequences of impairment. If your child has suffered a birth injury, contact a birth injury lawyer that you can trust. I am experienced with all of the following:

A birth injury may be caused by lack of oxygen or hypoxia, a lack of blood flow caused by failure to deliver. It may also be caused by a negligent hospital policy, staff shortage, or nursing error. Regardless of the negligence that caused the birth injury, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

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