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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

As a patient visiting a doctor, you put your trust and health in their hands. Today, wherever you go, stories of multimillion-dollar medical malpractice suits abound. Victims of medical negligence understandably want to pursue their rights to be compensated for injuries, disability and death occurring from medical mistakes or negligence.

Medical malpractice is described as “an act or omission by a health care provider which deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and which causes injury to the patient.” In simple terms, medical malpractice is negligence on the part of a healthcare provider that causes injury, disability or death to the patient.

What is being done about medical malpractice in Arizona?

The incidence of medical error is on the rise. In response, hospitals have begun to adopt policies to eliminate charges to the patient for treatments that result in preventable, serious medical errors. These errors are known as “never events.” In fact, in August of 2007, Medicare stated it would no longer pay hospitals in cases where a procedure involved eight or more serious medical errors.

A medical error is seen as:

  • Operating on the wrong person
  • Operating on the wrong part of the body
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Prescription drug errors
  • Failure to diagnose a life-threatening condition
  • Failure to order the proper tests
  • Patient abuse or neglect

Studies claim from 2004 to 2006, researchers at physician-owned medical malpractice insurance company, The Doctors Company, found that ‘system errors’ contributed to 30% of all settled claims. The most common errors were:

  • Medication-related errors (32%)
  • Communications errors (27%)
  • Healthcare associated infections (18%)
  • Medical records errors (13%)
  • Identification errors or wrong site surgery (5%)

The National Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation (MEDiC) bill was introduced in 2005 but never enacted. It was legislation that highlighted the need for better communication and full disclosure of errors between medical providers and patients. In the meantime, hospitals are taking matters into their own hands via a comprehensive program called The Safest Hospital Alliance, focused on reducing medical errors by 80 percent.

Despite the best efforts of Congress and the medical community at large, medical errors continue to occur at alarming rates. Victims of medical malpractice and their families want justice now. To get the justice you deserve requires the patience, expertise, skill and experience of highly qualified Medical Malpractice Attorney in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tucson.

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When family and friends inquire regarding an attorney, we refer them to Adam Davis. He speaks directly with potential clients so they don't have to wade through paralegals and legal assistants. He is professional and compassionate, yet honest and upfront regarding their issues. We would recommend him to anyone needing legal advice.

Bonny H.

I contacted Adam Davis for advice concerning a medical lawsuit. He was very personable, capable & very professional. I would not have been blessed with the settlement if it hadn’t been for Adam Davis. He kept me informed as to the progress of the case and has since contacted me if everything took place as it should have. I was proud to have a lawyer of his caliber.

Tony D.

I am an attorney in San Diego, CA and worked together as Co-Counsel on a serious personal injury accident that occurred in Sacramento. Mr. Davis represented the passenger in our vehicle who was from phoenix and who died from her injuries at the scene of the accident. I represented the driver of our vehicle who survived the crash but had major orthopedic and internal injuries. I worked closely with Mr. Davis on this litigation which eventually resulted in a multi million dollar settlement. I found Mr. Davis’ litigation and negotiating skills to be excellent and the key reason for our very large settlement. I would strongly recommend Mr. Davis for any personal injury case regardless of how difficult or how complex it may be.


Adam is an absolute gem in the sea of legal help, he is kind, understanding and genuinely cares about his clients. I highly recommend him and his team of awesomeness, I can finally breathe again now that my case is behind me, and I can move forward with life, after such a traumatic accident. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart..

William R.

Adam Davis is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. On several occasions I have sought his counsel and he has always steered me in the right direction. He treats me with respect and takes time to listen. If you are in need of an attorney I highly recommend Adam Davis.

LeGrand Electric

In response to a complex, multi-state claim that required experienced legal counsel, Adam provided superlative guidance without leaving anything open to question. Communication, professionalism, expertise and a real fighter. Adam has earned our highest recommendation and personal trust.


Attorney Adam Davis represented me in an injury case I had against a major airline. I was very seriously injured and Mr. Davis did a great job and got me a great result. He was always available to talk to me when I had questions or concerns and helped me through this situation. I highly recommend him and his Law Firm.

Paul S

Attorney Adam Davis has consulted with me and family members of mine on personal injury matters in the past. Thankfully, none of these matters resulted in litigation but Mr. Davis did provide us with excellent advice and helped us understand the law and navigate the landscape we we were dealing with. If you have a serious injury case, I strongly recommend attorney Adam Davis.

Scott B.

Adam Davis has always been there for me with all my injury questions or issues that have taken place in the past. I've recommended him to some friends and clients of mine as well and everyone was extremely pleased with how professional and attentive he was with their situation. He speaks with you directly and doesn't block you with some gate keeper. I highly recommend Adam for any personal injury cases!

Miranda P.

Adam has always been honest and kind with me through the most sensitive of issues. He's the kind of attorney you want in your corner when it matters most.

Blake A.

I had an unfortunate incident involving a hospital and saw one of Adam Davis commercials on TV.

I called and left a voicemail, and was surprised when Adam Davis actually called me back himself. He seemed to really care about me and my case. He might be the only lawyer I know with a heart!

Brittany S.

Mr. Davis was great to work with. He actually did not end up picking up my case but he guided me on what I should do next.
Even after he told me he couldn't work my case I spoke to him a few more times with him giving me advice and help.
I would definitely call Adam first if you are need of a lawyer.

James W.

Has been my go to for consultation for last 8 years. Always honest and trustworthy. Thank You

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I had a difficult case and had called almost every injury Attorney in Arizona and no one was interested in taking my case. I had all but given up when I saw an advertisement for Adam Davis. I called Adam and was totally surprised when Adam answered the call. I told him my story and within 30 minutes we had a meeting scheduled to discuss my case with Adam and his team. I am so impressed and thankful for Adam and his team, not only did they win me a life changing settlement but they treated me and my wife with care and respect. Thank you Adam Davis and team I will proudly recommend you.