ATV Accidents Lawyer

Even when helmets are worn and designated areas are created for use, recreational vehicle accidents continue to seriously injure passengers and bystanders. As an experienced attorney, I routinely represent the victims of ATV accidents and RV accidents. My name is Adam Davis, and I am a dedicated personal injury lawyer who works with victims and families of ATV and RV accidents to pursue maximum compensation for their injuries.

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” When your loved one suffers an injury in an RV or ATV accident, let me help you collect the compensation you deserve. Contact Adam Davis for aggressive representation following your recreational vehicle accident injury.

An ATV crash or RV accident requires an immediate investigation. As your attorney, I will begin an immediate investigation to take photographs of the vehicle, collect medical documents, consult with witnesses, and work with experts to create a full picture of the accident scene. The sooner that I can become involved in your case, the better the chances are for optimal recovery. I may be able to preserve necessary evidence for the case if I am contacted early on in the legal process.

I am experienced with the following recreational vehicle accident matters:

In addition to my experience in the investigation of recreational vehicle accidents, I am also skilled in negotiations and courtroom advocacy. As your legal representative I will challenge insurance companies that do not pay the full value of your loss. Whether you are suffering from immediate economic losses such as medical bills or lost wages, or you are concerned about long term care needs, I will aggressively advocate on your behalf so that you can focus on healing from your injuries.

ATV child injuries

Many accidents occur on the property of another or while a child was in the care of another person or family. These accidents are often covered by the homeowner’s insurance of the property owner or caretaker. If your child was injured in a recreational vehicle accident, such as an ATV crash or RV accident, I can assist you in pursuing claims against every negligent party responsible for those injuries.

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