Insurance Bad Faith

All too often, insurance companies fight the legitimate claims of both the insured and third-parties. It is frustrating to dutifully pay insurance only to discover that your claim was improperly denied or refused. My name is Adam Davis and I am experienced in the pursuit of bad faith claims on behalf of individuals and businesses that have been denied insurance coverage. If you believe that your insurance company denied your claim or failed to investigate your claim in bad faith, you may be able to recover compensation or payments for a bad faith claim.

When you trust your savings, your future, and your security to an insurance company, you expect your insurance company to pay your claims in good faith. I am dedicated to pursuing bad faith claims. When an insurance company denies a claim in bad faith, you have a right to challenge the company. Let me assert your rights for you. Contact me today to begin an immediate investigation into a bad faith claim.

You may have a bad faith claim if your insurance company does not pay an honestly insured claim. Bad faith insurance law protects consumers who take out valid insurance policies, but who are improperly denied payment on their claims. I will provide a free case evaluation to help determine if your claim was improperly denied. In the event that there was a bad faith denial, I will aggressively pursue your claim.

I am an experienced attorney and can assist you with any of the following insurance disputes or bad faith insurance claims:

  • Denied homeowner’s insurance claims
  • Failure to pay insurance on business
  • Failure to cover fire damage
  • Failure to pay flood damage or water damage
  • Loss to a home or business
  • Failure to investigate a claim
  • Slow payments
  • Late payments
  • Claim denials
  • Claims rejected

As a policyholder, you do have rights. Let me help you assert them and recover the payment you are owed.

Remedies: If bad faith is found in your case you may be able to recover lost business income, a full payment of any damages you have suffered, and a full payment of moving expenses, as well as other economic damages you may have suffered. If you have found that an insurance company unfairly limited or denied your insurance claim, I am available to assert your rights. When you feel that your insurance company is treating you improperly, contact me for an immediate assessment of your claim.

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