Fire and Explosions

A gas explosion resulting from negligent maintenance in a home, office building, manufacturing company, oil refinery, or construction site will result in catastrophic injuries, even fatalities. If you or someone that you love has been injured in a gas explosion, an experienced gas explosion lawyer can assert your right to be fairly compensated for your injuries.

An injury resulting from a gas explosion deserves maximum compensation. When your injury or loss could have been prevented, you need an attorney who can recover for your losses. Contact Adam Davis today for immediate legal assistance.

If there is a gas leak in your building, notification of a smell or routine checks for leaks could prevent the tragedy of a gas explosion. In any gas explosion case, it is imperative to conduct an immediate investigation, both into the cause of the accident as well as into who may have been responsible. As your gas explosion attorney, I will contact key witnesses, consult with experts, take photographs, and collect all necessary documentation relevant to the accident. With my support, you can trust that your case for compensation will be presented effectively.

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I am an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you with any of the following:

Once I have been able to establish why the gas explosion may have occurred and what agencies were at fault, I will document the full extent of your losses. How much you receive will be determined based on what your economic and non-economic losses were. My job is to calculate the complete value of your losses. In addition to medical expenses, lost wages, and additional costs associated with your injury, I will consult with your friends and family to identify all of the ways your life has been affected and how you have changed since the injury. Through a demonstration of your complete losses, you can expect to maximize the compensation you receive in a settlement or a verdict.

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