Child Injuries Lawyer

Children deserve to be protected no matter where they are: under the care of their parents, in a public place, or at school. They are vulnerable and should be protected by any person or agency responsible for the environment or their care. My name is Adam Davis, and I am a child injury lawyer interested in asserting the rights of child injury victims and their families.

I am an experienced attorney who asserts the rights of children. Please contact me if your child has suffered from any of the following:

Drowning and water accidents

Due to limited experience in the water and the need for supervision, many children become drowning victims in pools, lakes, or boating accidents. If your child is a victim of drowning or suffered a serious injury in the water, we can assist you in pursuing a claim against any party responsible for the accident.

Dog bites

Children are often the victims of dog bites and animal attacks. They tend to be curious and do not understand the danger of strange dogs. Because children are smaller, they may also be more susceptible to attack. If your child has suffered a laceration, scar, or other serious bodily injury resulting from a dog bite, contact me, Adam Davis, for aggressive advocacy in your case.

Sports Injury

Child sports injuries such as fractures or head injuries can be severely detrimental. A child head injury resulting from sports may cause severe brain damage, learning disabilities, or a permanent impairment. If your child was affected by a serious injury and suffered brain damage, as a children’s sports injury lawyer we can effectively pursue a claim against every responsible party.

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