Amputation Lawyer Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale

Waking up to discover that you have lost a limb in an accident is a devastating realization. The removal of an arm, leg, hand, or foot resulting from an injury is a catastrophic event that can affect your ability to function in daily life and may lead to negative psychological affects. Once you realize that your loss is permanent, it may take months or years to fully comprehend how that injury has changed your life.

Suffering the sudden loss of a limb is a devastating and tragic experience. When the amputation was necessary because of someone’s negligence, you deserve fair compensation so that you can begin to work towards mental and physical recovery. Contact me immediately if you or a loved one has suffered an amputation or severed limb.

My name is Adam Davis and I am an attorney dedicated to helping people who have undergone an amputation recover the financial compensation they need to continue to rebuild their lives. I am sympathetic to the gravity of loss suffered by my clients and am dedicated to helping them rebuild their lives.

I am experienced in assisting clients who have suffered an amputation resulting from the following:

FAs your attorney, I will make a full assessment of how the loss of your limb has affected your life. Maybe you had a foot amputation, a leg amputation, or a hand amputation. No matter what type it was, I will thoroughly review your medical records, conduct interviews with your friends and relatives, and document what your life was like before the accident. This will create a picture of how the amputation has negatively affected your life. Some of the inquiries I may make into the investigation include:

  • Are you able to continue working? Has the amputation affected your job performance?
  • Do you need a prosthetic device and how much will this device cost?
  • Are you in need of mental or physical therapy?
  • What are your immediate medical needs and what are your existing medical bills?
  • What is the prospect for your future care needs and how much will this care cost?
  • How has the injury affected your ability to care for your family? Do you need assistance in your home?

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